EaseUS Todo Backup 13.5 Crack

By | November 6, 2021

EaseUS Todo Backup 13.5 Crack

EaseUS Todo Backup Crack is reliable backup and recovery software that enables users to back up their system and restore it to its original state in the event of a disaster and perform full types of backups. An award-winning solution for good reason: With step-by-step wizards, your system, files, folders, videos, and music are in a safe state in a few minutes without the help of an IT specialist. Most of all, it’s free. It allows you to create backups of your important data or your entire PC through its simplified user interface!

EaseUS Todo Backup Crack

EaseUS Todo Backup is an effective app to back up hard drives, volumes, operating systems, or custom files, restore them, schedule backups, check their integrity, and more.

If you want to back up a file or the entire drive, you need a reliable tool. Many users also prefer scheduled backups, which allow them to schedule when files or drives need to be backed up.

But having additional tools available is always welcome. And that’s exactly what EaseUS Todo Backup offers its users. It is an application primarily designed to assist you in creating backups for different types of files.

Attacked by viruses, especially ransomware, as a recent Bad Rabbit outbreak following the widespread WannaCry cyberattack and the new Petya ransomware attack that encrypted a huge amount of files? Have you lost important files? The system crashed and didn’t restart? Has your device been stolen unexpectedly? Did natural disasters suddenly occur? Data disasters spread everywhere, putting important files at risk. EaseUS Todo Backup, the best free backup software for PC or laptops, protects everything from harmful threats. It is good practice to back up your files daily and prevent destructive data disasters.

EaseUS Todo Backup Crack 13.5 + Keygen Full Free Download 2022

EaseUS Todo Backup Free regularly backs up your data to protect it from crises and quickly restores files, photos, music, video, audio, and more directly from backups. Make sure everything is running normally with no interruptions. With EaseUS PC backup software, it is very easy to protect your entire PC or laptop with minimal cost and time. Does the hard drive need to be upgraded or replaced? Are you having problems transferring the operating system or data to another hard drive, e.g. B. when migrating the operating system to SSD? The clone function in the app offers a free and reliable option for hard drive upgrade, hard drive replacement, and data transfer! Protect all your important files with advanced disk imaging technology and perform quick disaster recovery in critical moments.

EaseUS Todo Backup Activator comes with many back-ups and restores options. One of the options is that it can look for the previous backup that was made for the folder or a single file. It can create a WinPE-based rescue disk that will help users to use this program outside of Windows. The designers made this software very easy to use, making it the best-considered software for data recovery. This tool allows you to restore your email and email settings using file options.

EaseUS Todo Backup Keygen is such a powerful tool that its backup capacity is not limited to the selected file or file type, but it can also back up the entire drive or partition. The backups created by this tool are incremental, which means that they take up very little space. This backup program offers great convenience in backing up your data. With just one click, you can back up unlimited data from a single file to an entire drive.

EaseUS Todo Backup Serial Number is the software that just protects your system from damage and does a backup every time. Quick recovery when disaster strikes your laptop or PC. They know that backing up your data is extremely important and data security is also very important these days. This software easily protects your entire system from viruses or potential risks. Quickly restore any backup to whatever you want. EaseUS Backup Tool works like your insurance plan in that it saves your body and valuable information quickly.

Clean and intuitive user interface

The software application is packaged in a convenient and well-organized user interface that allows easy access to all backup modes: disk/partition, file, system, or smart. Creating a backup job is very easy.

Comprehensive backup settings and practical tools

You can tinker with various backup settings to speed up the backup process and protect the new image file. For example, you can adjust the compression level, set the CPU priority, specify the destination folder, change the details of the backup plan, set an image backup strategy, protect the image with a password, and schedule the automatic backup run once or repeatedly. Full, incremental, and differential backup types are available.

However, the functionality of EaseUS Todo Backup doesn’t end there. You can also check for errors, clone or remove images from the hard drive, study logs and easily generate error reports, create rescue disks for WinPE or Linux systems, shred files, mount images on local drives and activate pre-installed operating systems. These are only a part of the options this software utility offers.

Overall, an efficient and straightforward backup tool

With step-by-step instructions, the free edition of EaseUs Todo Backup proves to be an intuitive application that even beginners can use to perform file, partition, or operating system backup jobs in just a few minutes.

EaseUS Todo Backup Key Features:

Disk and partition image:

Back up entire hard drives or partitions to the image. With this feature, you can back up your entire system and install applications in no time without interrupting your work. It ensures an instant recovery of your PC instead of reinstalling Windows and software.

Back up files and folders:

Make a copy of the specified files and folders or by file type to protect your data including documents, pictures, music, emails, applications, videos, and financial files, etc.

Incremental backups:

In addition to full backups, EASEUS Todo Backup Home also offers incremental backups so that all home users can back up their files. Incremental backups save space and time by only making a copy of files that have changed since the last backup.

Backup program:

Run backup plans automatically at scheduled times or on specific events, such as B. System startup or shutdown, user login, or logout.

Backup management functions:

By managing backup plans and tasks, you can change a backup task or schedule changes and execute them immediately, delete image files and even a disk image.VMDK (VMware Virtual Disk Format) or.VHD (for Virtual PC ) and then mount it directly into a virtual machine.

Assembly and dismantling:

Mount a hard drive and a partition image on a virtual partition (which works like normal logical drives) to browse or copy files within. You can assign a drive letter to this partition. You can also unmount the virtual partition.

Image division:

Split an image file into multiple files of a specified size to fit on different storage devices. This function is useful for burning the backup file to CD / DVD.

Image compression:

Compress a backup image to save storage space. The higher the compression level, the smaller the image.

Set priority:

Change the priority of a backup job to make it faster or slower. The performance of other programs will be affected.


Set a password to protect your picture file and prevent other people from accessing the backup files. The highest encryption standard (256 bit AES) is available in EASEUS Todo Backup.

Check the picture:

Check the backup image integration. You can check if you can restore from the backup image.

Disaster recovery:

With EASEUS Todo Backup Home, you can restore important files from the backup image and perform a disaster recovery with just a few clicks. It ensures quick recovery after a system crash, personal errors, hardware or software failures, virus attacks or intrusive destruction by hackers, etc.

Cloning hard drives and partitions:

Migrate or copy all data to one hard drive or partition to another. Disk cloning is especially useful for upgrading your hard drive to a new one without reinstalling operating systems and applications

Delete data:

This feature allows you to erase all sensitive data on a hard drive or partition to protect your privacy.

E-Mail notification:

Notify the administrator of the results of the backup operations by email.


Run predefined commands (scripts) before or after a scheduled backup, such as B. Shutting down the computer after the backup.

Bootable media:

Run EASEUS Todo Backup from an emergency floppy disk to recover from a system crash, etc. You can create a USB, CD, or DVD drive.

New interface:

The new user-friendly interface offers intuitive and simple backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Learn more about EaseUS Todo Backup:

  • Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 are supported
  • Backups are automatically split into smaller sizes to provide more manageable storage space
  • Enable or disable the processing power that EaseUS Todo Backup can use between normal or medium to ensure that the performance is not unduly degraded when running backup jobs
  • The transmission speed of the network can be limited to save bandwidth
  • Backup images can be configured to stay that many days before being removed
  • Compression of a backup is supported, but only normal compression; others like Fast and High are not free
  • You can protect a backup with a password
  • Pre-OS can be activated, allowing you to use EaseUS Todo Backup before Windows starts without having to burn the program to disc or use external media. This function can be used to restore a hard drive/partition/system backup or clone a hard drive or partition
  • You can create a WinPE or Linux rescue disk to boot into EaseUS Todo Backup when Pre-OS is not enabled but you still need to restore or clone a hard drive
  • When backing up a hard drive or partition, you can back up any sector, including used and unused space, to create an exact copy of the source
  • EaseUS Todo Backup can shut down your computer after a backup is complete
  • When restoring a backup of an entire hard drive or partition, you can restore individual files instead of the entire hard drive
  • Automatically run lost backup jobs
  • Clone a hard drive or partition directly to another drive without creating a backup image first
  • Easily restore data to its original location or choose a custom location
  • A system can be cloned directly to a USB drive or restored to make a portable version of Windows
  • Displays the estimated time remaining until a backup completes
  • You can enter a description for a backup plan so that you can track its purpose when referenced later
  • When restoring data, EaseUS Todo Backup provides a history with the exact date and time of the backups, so you can easily choose a point in time to find a backup file
  • Browse or filter a backup to find something in particular to restore
  • Any backup (even system backups) can be mounted as a virtual drive in Windows, so you can browse it like a real hard drive to easily view and copy data
  • If you have a file backup, you can simply double-click the backup file (the PBD file) to open it in EaseUS. What you see looks very much like a normal folder in Explorer. So you can copy the backup files from the folder if you want, but this requires EaseUS Todo Backup to be installed
  • It can calculate the space required for a backup in the destination folder to ensure that there is enough space before the job starts
  • It can schedule a backup to run only once, at intervals throughout the day, or on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule
  • Supports planning a system partition backup
  • It asks you if the backup destination does not have enough space to store the files
  • In the Logs section, you can browse, search, filter, and export successful and failed backup jobs
  • EaseUs Todo Backup acts as a data destruction tool because you can permanently delete all files and folders on a drive.

What do we like about EaseUS Todo Backup?

The reset function is possibly our favorite on EaseUS Todo Backup. Similar backup programs require a backup to be displayed within the program, but the ability to mount a backup like a real drive in Windows makes browsing extremely easy and natural.

We appreciate that a system partition backup is included in EaseUS Todo Backup. The fact that you can run it in a program makes it a lot more useful.

Protecting a backup should be a feature of any good backup program, and EaseUS Todo Backup supports it.

It rarely happens that you see a backup program that allows you to run the software before starting Windows without using a hard drive or flash drive, which enables the Pre-OS feature in EaseUS Todo Backup. This feature is very useful if your computer has been rendered inoperable and you need to restore the system partition.

What’s New?

  • New, elegant, and intuitive graphical user interface.
  • Data recovery and backup speeds have increased significantly.
  • Lots of overall performance improvements.
  • It can restore Outlook data to another computer or Outlook client.
  • You can restore original windows with this software.
  • Create additional drivers when you create a new rescue disk.
  • The program contains many new functions.

System Requirements:

  • Operating system: all Windows (10, 8, 8.1, 7) 32 and 64 bit.
  • Primary memory: At least 512 MB of RAM.
  • Graphics: standard.
  • Processor: Minimum processor of 500 MHz or higher.
  • CD-R / DVD-R for creating bootable media.

EaseUS Todo Backup License Key:








How To Crack?

  • First, Download EaseUS Todo Backup Cracked
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  • Install this setup in a convenient location
  • Do this and run the generator file after closing it
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  • Copy and paste everything
  • Restart this PC software
  • Finally, everything is ready!

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